Car Tech Tour - What Tech Does Jack Have In His Car?

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HaseCSGO: i always have a couple of snickers bars on my car, its not tech, but its good to have

Emmanuel Annan: where did you get that duck holding your auz cord from?

Anthony Huynh: More!!!!!

PlanetLazy: 4:23 very schizophrenic? Cmon

Yungil Hong: David Choe?

Nawaf Haboobi: Sorry but so messy, just install android double din stereo and you will have all of that in touchscreen.

NUK3AFIGHTER SnDKnifer: wait nix is in Vancouver and Richmond wow I feel proud

Martin Hyde: Hey mate , I have ... correction I 'had' the LS430w , but once the battery dies in the unit, it behaves very weird, meaning it cycles on and off before fully shutting down when exiting the car. Yep moved to the LS460w , and now am a happy camper once more. Just an FYI on the 430 if you keep it long enough for the battery to play up on you. Cheers.

Tuan Syafiq: I can't live without a 12V to 240V DC converter. It is nice to have one in the car. I can charge laptop, play PS4..even cooking.

x w: what kind of dash cam can function as CCTV monitoring of the car while it's parked, or can we use a normal type dash cam with front & rear camera & night vision & add a 20000mah Powerbank as power source while the car is parked?

Please suggest a model that's with more discreet design and a LCD screen too.

I am from Malaysia and currently looking at this model, from this website

dre 14: can't live without that aux cord

Tuhin Bagh: Awh an automatic sissy car :/

Stefan Denic: retarded

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Dredd: I wouldn't even need to hear him talk to know he's american.
Overweight, has a crap load of useless electronics and drives a automatic.

rayzer: I need a dash cam. Some Redneck teen was driving like and asshole today; purposely drove along side another truck in front of me because he couldn't merge into my lane earlier.

Saskatchewan teen truck drivers everyone! Highway patrol where are you when you're needed?

douglas balkom: mosport

RTGTech Channel: What is the power bank called??

Jay Simons: Vancouver Washington or Canada? If its Washington, I understand the weather and traffic .....completely...You have my condolences if its Wash, lol.

chozo echo: if he had any technical knowledge of a car he would have just dremeled  out the back of his center console and installed a dc plug in back their  plus he would have just installed a tablet to take over the rest as example his front and rear cam  ( yes you need to know wiring but its worth it  to learn and cut cost down )  you would also have an integrated video and music player  i have also seen tablets with the ability to call  so  that would be hands free as well  thats a personal choice  you can use your phone  with a clamp like his  but  yea   that would be the way to go if you are serious  about truly putting tec in your car  
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Car Tech Tour - What Tech Does Jack Have In His Car?