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fathemasyeda111: omg!!so pretty. i have tried and now wondering who the hell is going to do my right hand...😰😪😭😭😭😭😭
Niemi435: 3:25 RAUHA RAUHA RAUHA :DD
Hefizba Beula: i understand the complaints about the Rio laser hair machine, i bought it and did jack to me, nothing, so that's why so much umbelieve about RIO. I found this skin rejuvenation product in Ebay for just $130 something, is weird why so cheap.
SimmerBoy: Go in Washington State!!! Marijuana is legal!!! And it's so freaking cool!!!
Gamelost ™: +Jonathan Rangel manda o link onde vc comprou
Stuart Kerrison: If they sold these things in Norway, I would buy one. But I guess they don't want my money.
foreversorrow81: this is pretty simple if u no what u are doing