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aw power: 바스보러 왔다~
Gábor Vág: I have the same edition, the book is heavy. And the girls at the end of the clip, carrying like 2 dozen of those, in a bag, smiling... :D
Danijel Radosavljević: i think that laugh is steel buged cos yesterday cos i have this skin someone in enemy team said that he hear laugh globally
Kareem Kareem: Mashallah keep going sister
MonkeyBoyElliot5: Real nice video keep it up and you'll go far! Subbed and liked, and any other tips on trading because I'm not the best thanks :)
boostiny: Great boats indeed. I wish I had the time and the cash to drop a fresh V8 in her but the 4cyl just won't die!
Luigi Maravilla: i downloaded some themes from mobile9, but the themes don't work. can you teel me how to? i have a blackberry 9220..